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Your developer identified techdebt, all in one spot

As developers we know that techdebt is just a reality of the world we work in.
Adding a Todo or Hack comment as you code is a regular practice, but how
often are issues opened for them in your issue tracker? How often do you go
through your code looking for them? We all know the consequences of failing to
address these issues, so we want to make it easier for you to stay on top of it.

Techdebt on bitHound

In order to help stay on top of your techdebt, we have simplified how we display
your todos and hacks. Our new techdebt page puts all your inline todos and
hacks in one spot, organized by the files that need attention the most. Open that file on bitHound to see more issues it might have, or jump directly to
Bitbucket or GitHub for more context.

Comment analysis and handling techdebt has never been easier – so get started on
building your best software possible.

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