bitHound Blog

Welcome to the new

You may notice that we've changed things quite a bit at We've updated our marketing site to fit in better with the app we are building, and added features that will allow the site to grow as we do.

What's new and improved?

  • See news, announcements on the company and the product on our Blog (how meta!)
  • View job openings at bitHound in our new Careers section
  • Updated bios and contact information for the team in the About section
  • Responsive for your viewing pleasure!

How did we build it?

As we're in the business of code, we figured we'd should share some details on how we built this. If you have any questions, let us know!

Runs on Node!

Of course! It gave us an easy platform we were familiar with to get up and running quickly.

Templating using Nunjucks

We've been using Mustache on the app side of things and have run up against some limitations that Nunjucks seems to address. We'll blog more about this subject at a later date, but at the very least you should check it out. We've enjoyed Nunjucks so much we'll be using it in place of Mustache on the app as well.

Builds using Gulp

Gulp gives us a great foundation to create a build system that makes sense for us. We use it for compiling and minifying our LESS, optimizing our images, and much more.

Handrolled grid and responsive layout

We use Pure on the app side, but wanted to keep things light and simple here. We're using a hand-rolled simple thirds-grid that has nice responsive properties built in. It's part of a custom boilerplate built on the HTML5 Boilerplate you can see here.

bitHound identifies risks and priorities in your Node.js projects.