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Understanding commit level impacts on bitHound

Have you ever taken a look at your commit graph and noticed that one particular commit has dramatically
impacted (positively or negatively) your overall score? bitHound's commit results allows you to figure out
exactly what occurred in that commit.

See what issues you may have resolved or added to your files in a particular commit, while seeing how other
files you haven't changed may still be impacting your score. For example, we take existing, unresolved lint
issues into consideration when analyzing your commit and highlight any stale lint that is outstanding.

See Commit details on bitHound

To make it easier to get to your commits, we've added a Commits section for your projects so you can quickly
scan your last 100 analyzed commits and click-through to see more details.

Did you know? The individual commit points on the project graph link through to the commit page so you can get the commit-level specifics.

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