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Track your Todos and Hacks with bitHound

At bitHound we know that tracking your tech debt can be as enjoyable as a trip to the dentist. We have felt that pain to, so we are happy to introduce comment analysis. bitHound analyzes your comments for "todos" and "hacks" and provides you with actionable next steps to address tech debt. See what files, and where in those files you might have lingering tech debt.

Track your hacks and todos in bitHound

More on Todos and Hacks

Todos Todos are a reminder to our future self, or others, that there's something further that can be done in the code. The point of todos should be to get something done sooner rather than later, which unfortunately isn't always the case.
When bitHound presents you with a todo comment, consider finishing the task and getting it out of the way.

Hacks Hack comments are usually left to indicate that the subsequent code is a workaround for a proper implementation. When bitHound presents you with a hack, consider whether or not it has been dealt with already. If it has not been dealt with,
consider improving the way the coding goal is achieved. If the hack has already been improved or solved, remove the hack comment.

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