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Top dogs bitHound and Corgibytes help you knockdown techdebt and streamline development

At bitHound, we continue to deliver software insights that matter so development teams can save time and ship with confidence. This means uncovering the critical issues that are impacting your projects, delivering the right information, and empowering your and your team to take action and make the necessary improvements.

While bitHound continues to provide the guidance and insights required to build great software, sometimes codebases require a bit more heavy lifting. Corgibytes has long been helping individuals and team’s whose software could benefit from that little bit of extra love.

Today, we’re excited to share that we are teaming up to combine the best of what bitHound and Corgibytes have to offer to our customers. Through this collaborative partnership, we hope to make writing quality code and delivering great software easier than ever!

Teams looking augment their own knowledge, or, teams that cannot deviate focus from feature and product delivery but recognize how legacy code and techdebt are impacting their overall project are two groups that can benefit greatly from the services that Corgibytes offer.

For existing bitHound customers, you may find that Corgibytes becomes exceptionally helpful when it comes to your planning insights and code insights.

bitHound’s planning insights help you amalgamate and prioritize all of your techdebt but what happens if you’ve gotten to the point where it is now too much to handle? Enter Corgibytes. Bringing on the Corgibytes folks means you can focus on shipping those new features while they worry about refactoring, aligning with standards and improving documentation– all on your behalf.

Lint, duplicate code and complexity are all important code insights that bitHound highlights and factors into the state of your software. If your code requires some major cleanup that you have no desire or time to address, Corgibytes provides a variety of services to take that work off of your plate.

From code maintenance to improvement, Corgibytes wants to give your code the attention it needs– for any language, any platform, and, any framework.

We invite you to head on over and check out the awesome services they offer for yourselves!

bitHound customers will also get $500 off of their first Code Inspection. Email to learn more and redeem the offer.

If your codebase is looking like a dog’s breakfast, let these two canines help you out.

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