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The Improved bitHound

For the past year, bitHound has been focused on helping team’s deliver great software while encouraging developers to improve and refine their craft. While that remains true, we also recognize the nature of the industry we play in and the increasing complexity of delivering great software.

Faster deployment cycles, competing priorities and the increasing popularity of leveraging third-party packages are just some of the factors making it a constant struggle for teams to keep a handle on the state and security of their software. The reality is, if you take on all of that while also trying to achieve software perfection, you’ll probably never ship.

Taking that into account as well as the great feedback from our users, there are a few updates known as The Improved bitHound.

The Improved bitHound is centered around three notions:

  • Focusing on what matters
  • Shipping with confidence
  • Saving time

Focusing On What Matters

There are countless static analysis and code review tools out there. With each of them comes an enormity of data; most of them nondescript in the information that they provide. When presented with that kind of data immensity, it can be hard for any team to tell the forest from the trees and prioritize.

That is why bitHound works hard to cut through the noise and present you with the critical issues impacting your team.

Our revamped project dashboard, helps you identify the priorities in your project so you can focus your team's efforts accordingly. Whether it's your own code, dependencies or how you're going to plan the next sprint, this dashboard will help you understand the greatest priorities across your project.

Shipping with Confidence

While lint can be a useful tool, understanding the condition of your project goes beyond what lint tells you. The improved bitHound evaluates the state of your dependencies and factors it into your overall score accordingly. With the increasing popularity of npm and heavy usage of third party modules, many teams are leaving themselves open to a great deal of risk.

If you think about it, you’re not only inheriting the risk associated with that one dependency you installed but rather every other package that it might also depend on. This increases your risk exponentially.

bitHound is committed to providing all of our users with the information they need to make educated decisions. With the right information, it becomes much easier to focus, take action and ship with confidence.

Saving Time

The goal of bitHound is to make software insights and improvement a regular part of the development workflow. That means making things quick, seamless and uninterrupted. With our new weekly notification, we ensure that you are notified of the important issues impacting your project.

From dependencies to priority issues to major tech debt items, bitHound helps ensure that you won't miss these critical issues or spend time spinning your wheels on inconsequential items.

We know that JavaScript moves fast, and so should you! Get started with bitHound today. We look forward to your feedback!

bitHound identifies risks and priorities in your Node.js projects.