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Speaker Spotlight: Gord Tanner to speak at Node Summit

We are just one week away from the kick off of Node Summit 2015 taking place February 10th and 11th at the Mission Bay Conference Center in sunny San Francisco. Node Summit is one of the largest conferences focused exclusively on Node.js. What's more exciting is the fantastic list of speakers they have lined up for this year including bitHound's very own CTO, Gord Tanner!

Gord Tanner brings over 10 years of experience in software development and big data analytics. Before bitHound, Gord was a part of tinyHippos (acquired by BlackBerry in 2011) as well as the creator of the Ripple Emulator– donated to the Apache Foundation and used today by Microsoft, Intel, Adobe and over 250K developers. Now CTO at bitHound, Gord leads up the technical development of the bitHound services so that developers can continue to make amazing projects!

In Why Would We Ever Build a Distributed Computing Platform in Node? Gord will recount bitHound's experience and the lessons learned in developing a large scale distributed computing platform to analyze source code in nodeJS. Those attending Gord's talk at Node Summit will also gain insight into the good, the bad and the ugly that accompany the architecture of back end services.

If you're interested checkout Gord's talk from JSConf:

With all that said, let the one week countdown begin! From technical talks, to panel discussions (and of course the occasional beverage)– this conference has got it all.

See you there!

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