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Slack Is In The House

Hi there! Get here from the Slack App Directory?

First thing's first: Sign up for bitHound today!

At bitHound, we are always looking for new ways to bring attention to the issues impacting your team while continuing to save you time. And what could be more synonymous with 'saving time' than the infamous messaging app, Slack?

You'll be able to setup and receive notifications right to the Slack channel of your choosing for any of your private or public projects.

Getting started is super-simple! Click the Add To Slack button on your project's dashboard and follow the instructions!

Add to Slack

You'll be asked to give bitHound authorization to post messages to a channel of your choosing. Once everything is all setup, you'll receive a Slack message from us indicating everything worked.

After completing these steps you'll then start to see your bitHound notifications pop up in Slack. We'll keep you posted as we identify new priorities on your integrated projects.

Sample slack messages from bitHound

You may also choose to set it up manually with a Slack webhook URL, using the following directions:

Step 1

Navigate to
Navigate to

Step 2

Scroll the page to the DIY Integrations and Customizations section and select Incoming Webhooks.
DIY Integrations and Customizations

Step 3

Choose the Slack channel that you want to receive your Incoming Webhook posts and click the Add Incoming WebHooks Integration button.
Choose a Slack channel

Step 4

Copy the Webhook URL and navigate to bitHound. Once on bitHound, select the private or open source project you have push access to.
Webhook URL

Step 5

Select the settings page for that project then navigate to the integrations section and paste your Webhook URL in the Slack Integration section then click submit.
Project Settings

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