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Share your bitHound results

At bitHound, we want to not only help you gain actionable insight into the overall health of your code, but also communicate the results to those on your team so you can take action and improve your project's overall health.

To make this easy for you, we have introduced the ability to send a notification to your collaborators from bitHound so you can share any updates or concerns with respect to dependencies, files and/or commits that they should be made aware of.

Easily share your bitHound results

To share with your teammates and collaborators, hit Share from any page showing bitHound results, type in their email addresses and a brief, optional message. For those who have not previously signed up with bitHound, they will be asked to log in first. You can share private project results as well but access to the results on bitHound still requires the user to have access to that repository on GitHub and/or Bitbucket.

bitHound identifies risks and priorities in your Node.js projects.