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Pillars of Remarkable Software

bitHound's purpose is to provide you with actionable insight. Before you can take action, you need to gain a deeper understanding what is being affected at the file level.

bitHound believes that resilient, remarkable software rests on three pillars: quality, maintainability and stability. While these pillars could be considered mutually exclusive, truly remarkable code ensures that all of these areas are exceptional in nature.

For each file, you will now be able to see the status of the pillars as they apply to that file. Your pillar status will reflect the improvements you make within the file.

Pillars of remarkable software on bitHound

Here we take a closer look at each pillar:


Quality speaks to the exceptionality of your project, how free from defects, deficiencies and significant variations it is. Quality also takes into consideration the cleanliness and readability of your code.


Maintainability addresses how easily defective or buggy code can be isolated, how easily the code can be corrected and whether or not fixing defective code impacts the rest of the project.


The last pillar, stability, covers the frequency and number of changes to your project and the relative impacts it can make. A project that hasn't seen a lot of recent changes, however, does not necessarily dictate that it is stable.

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