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Our new dependencies page

When bitHound first introduced dependency analysis, we simply checked if a
project's dependencies were up-to-date or not. Since then we've added valuable
insights including checking packages for security vulnerabilities and checking
for unused packages. As we added the insights it became apparent that our
original layout wasn't focusing on what mattered most about your dependencies,
so we're introducing a revamped layout.

Dependency analysis on bitHound

While staying on top of updating your dependencies is still important, we know
that our other dependency insights can be more valuable. We're making your
security vulnerabilities front and center, and ordering your dependencies
accordingly. You'll notice a convention similar to how we display project files
applied to dependencies.You can now also sort by insecure, unused and outdated
dependencies. As always, you can open an issue directly to the project's GitHub
or Bitbucket repository so you can stay on top of your packages.

We hope that the new layout will help you develop better software by staying on
top of the third party code contained in your dependencies.

As an added bonus, you will now notice alerts on repositories with
vulnerabilities on your main dashboard.

Let us know what you think!

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