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Open an Issue on GitHub from your files in bitHound

At bitHound we want to not only help you understand the pain points in your projects and files, but also take action on them so you can improve your project's overall health. To help make this easier for you, we are introducing the ability to open an issue on Bitbucket and/or GitHub straight from bitHound. bitHound gives you the ability to open issues without ever having to leave the file or dependency you are viewing on bitHound, so you don't have interrupt your workflow. Opening an issue for you or other collaborators to see means you'll have a better chance of addressing the problems.

Open an issue on GitHub straight from file your file on bitHound

You can set milestones, labels, and assign the issue to a collaborator. A title is also automatically generated for you for organizational and reference purposes (of course if it's not to your liking you can always change it to something more your speed). With open an issue on bitHound you also won't need to worry about providing a message. We include a helpful message detailing any issues that bitHound finds. You can supplement that description as you see fit. Once you’ve created an issue, it will be visible to you and your team on Bitbucket or GitHub as well on the file or dependency in bitHound.

We're very excited to have this feature out the door and look forward to your feedback!

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