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Taking ownership of your npm packages

You heard it on NodeSource and continue to see it with Node Security Project, there is no doubt– npm is massive.

In fact, npm is the largest package ecosystem of all time and with good reason. npm has been instrumental in the JavaScript community, to say the least, and has also transformed the way we we build our software as developers.

While this package ecosystem continues to grow, giving way to faster more focused efforts, it is important to still be vigilant. In fact, a blind and unguarded use of packages can get you into trouble so it's important that we all start to take ownership.

Take a look at the numbers for yourself.

The potential and capabilities of npm for the node community are endless. Here at bitHound, we use over 130 npm packages to build and advance the services we offer. That said, it's always important to exercise vigilance and take responsibility on the items you choose to incorporate into your software.

So while you're building the next great piece of software and leveraging all the great things that npm has to offer, remember to take ownership and also give back.

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