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New Configuration Options

We have just launched a couple new configuration options for bitHound that you have been asking for. As with other configuration options with bitHound you will be able to set these values in your .bithoundrc file (See our default config here).

Long File Critic

Currently with bitHound we will flag files that are over 150 lines as being a long file. The scoring will degrade the score up to the worst possible 1500 lines. We realized when we first rolled out this feature that it would be opinionated and a strict goal. We even have files in bitHound itself that do not pass this rule.

You can now set the max limit for file length in your .bithoundrc with:

"critics": {
    "wc": { "limit": 5000 }

Files will now be scored for length based on the new limit and a 10% grace limit (in this case up to 500 lines) will not flag the file as being too long.

Lint Engine Configuration

We support a few of the code linting platforms for the JavaScript community. bitHound does its best to detect which platform you use on your code and run it.

There are some cases where we are unable to detect which platform you want to use or you want to be explicit with what you use. You can now configure the linting engine in your .bithoundrc:

"critics": {
    "lint": {"engine": "standard"}

The supported values at this time are:

In the case of ESLint, we also offer the ability to specify the location of your configuration file as well as your ignore file as follows:

"critics": {
    "lint": {
        "engine": "eslint",
        "configLocation": "config/.eslintrc.json",
        "ignoreLocation": "config/.eslintignore"

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