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Managing bitHound Notifications 101

bitHound offers various ways to stay notified of the state of your projects, so you can focus on your workflow. Here we will outline the different options you have when it comes to notifications and how to set up and configure them.

Slack and HipChat integration

This is the best way to keep your team in the know about new priorities that arise in your projects. bitHound will send notifications to your chosen Slack Channel or HipChat Room when it detects important events based on our dependencies and code analysis. You can easily integrate these services by using a Webhook URL that you would get from Slack or HipChat and adding it to your project's settings. Checkout our full instructions on how to set this up:

Team members with access to your private project can integrate with Slack and HipChat. For open source projects, bitHound only supports GitHub open source projects at this time, and you must have Push Access to access the project's settings.

Weekly email notifications

Every week, bitHound will send you a summary of the status of your projects you are a collaborator on. You can choose the projects that matter most to you. Under the Weekly Summary options your Account Settings, choose customize to reveal a list of the repos you want to be notified about. Check/uncheck the projects you want included in your weekly email.

Weekly notifications

Initial project analysis email notifications

When you kick off analysis for the first time on a project, bitHound will send you an email with the high-level results. These notifications are on by default.

Initial Notifications

bitHound will email you at the primary address you have registered with GitHub or Bitbucket. As it is possible to sign up to Bitbucket without an email address, you would need to add one to your Bitbucket account, and Login to bitHound again for it to be added to your bitHound account.

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