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Introducing the bitHound Chrome Extension

bitHound Chrome extension

We've had a little trick up our sleeves for a while here at bitHound. It's a little Chrome extension that made it very easy to jump from Bitbucket, GitHub or npm, right into bitHound. We were tired of copying and pasting urls from Bitbucket, GitHub, and npm to see them in bitHound, and this extension gave us the ability to get there with ease! So today, we're happy to announce that we've made it available to everyone! The bitHound extension is now available in the Chrome Web Store, for free.

Not only can you quickly jump to projects in bitHound, with public projects, the bitHound Chrome extension will display the project's overall score so that you can gauge the state of that project at a glance. If it's not analyzed yet, you can click the badge and kick off analysis for that project.

bitHound Chrome Extension on Bitbucket, GitHub and npm

We're looking forward to adding more site support to the extension, as well as more bitHound insights to it beyond the project's score. But for now, take the handy extension for a spin, by going to the Chrome Web Store now.

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