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Introducing our revamped file view

bitHound strives to make digging into problem areas and issues of your project as easy as possible. It's because of this that we have revamped how we display your individual file's issues. Our new file view focuses on showing you issues in a much friendlier list format. Think terminal output of your tests, but with more context, helpful guidance and a lot nicer to look at!

File view on bitHound

Here are some of the exciting features we are introducing on the revamped file view:

  • High level issue summary Get a clear picture of the issues affecting the file on a high level before diving into the individual issues.
  • Filter by issue type Filter through your issues to highlight specific types.
  • Find duplicate functions See where your duplicate functions exist in the existing file, or in other files in your repository
  • Why is an issue an issue? Learn why particular types of issues can create headaches for you.
  • Quick view Jump quickly to Bitbucket and/or GitHub to see the file and the highlighted issue with all the context you need.

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