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Dog food never tasted so good

The bitHound team is comprised of many developers and designers with varying degrees of coding experience. Yet, we all still manage to commit and deploy to production on a daily basis while maintaining high standards for our codebase. With so many different coding styles and backgrounds, you might wonder how we've been able to achieve this? The answer is simple: bitHound.

The birth of a feature

When starting a new feature we like to issue a pull request as soon as possible. We start with outlining all of the steps we’ll need to complete before we can ship our feature. This allows everyone on the team to keep track of progress and keep the discussions and statuses of that feature all in one place.

The importance of status

We use branch statuses on pull requests for all of our projects. This feature has helped our team immensely and helps ensure that we don't introduce new issues into the codebase. From there, we analyze and check the latest commit to be pushed to our pull request for any issues that fail the criteria we've set. As mentioned before, implementing this kind of check point really helps enforce coding standards across the entire team.

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You don't know what you don't know

Most teams are heads down writing features or handling customer support tickets — we're no different. When you're hard at work it's easy to forget about things like dependencies. Dependencies can quickly become outdated, insecure or deprecated, in which case your team might be forced to support it.

Our solution to keeping our dependencies top of mind when there are so many other things going on has been to integrate all of our projects with Slack. If a dependency or file is flagged with an issue, we're immediately notified about it in Slack without having to go search for it.

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One click away

Getting notifications are great, but we all know how loud, crowded and busy they can become for the team. This is especially true when it comes to the chore that updating dependencies can be (especially when you're in the home stretch of writing a feature).

bitHound gives us the ability to issue a pull request to update your dependencies with a single click. This feature has drastically reduced the amount of time we now need to spend on dependency maintenance.

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Smooth Sailing

I encourage your team to become more productive with less hassle. We've found that relying on bitHound allows our team to build features quicker, stay on track, spend less time on maintenance, and ship fewer bugs that would otherwise cost us valuable time.

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