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Deeper analysis with file insights

At bitHound we recognize that the health of a project and its files goes beyond the amount of lint, duplicate or complex functions that exist. Of course, these are important metrics, but there are other insights we can garner by taking a closer look at the activity your files see.

Our improved analysis now returns file insights that give you a better understanding of the health of your projects.

File insights on bitHound

You'll notice new badges appear on your files when applicable. These include reporting on:

  • Bug prone bitHound detects when changes to your file are a result of a bugfix. The higher the ratio of bug fixes to changes, the more the stability of your file is reduced.
  • Stale lint Lint that goes ignored has a greater impact on your file and project's quality. Clean it up before it becomes a larger problem.
  • In recovery We want to make sure that you don't relapse after a lint fix. It takes some time for a file to fully recover.
  • Long file Long files are not easily maintained and can result in bugs. We give you a heads up when this is becoming a problem.
  • High churn Large and frequent changes to a file indicate that the stability of a file can be compromised.

bitHound makes recommendations on the actions you can take to address these findings as you drill down to each file.

bitHound identifies risks and priorities in your Node.js projects.