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Customer Success Story – SpaceCraft

Sometimes the little guys stand tall with the giants. Take for example, SpaceCraft Inc., a small web-based platform in Austin, TX helping people create and manage exceptional websites. Just the right mix of clever resourcefulness and an appetite for new tools proved that SpaceCraft could carve out a unique, scalable platform capable of competing with some of the biggest Content Management System players out there.

In the early days of SpaceCraft, CTO David Wood and his team set out to build a platform that 1) would be cloud-based 2) that would easily scale and 3) that would have very little operational overhead. For them, the obvious choice was to build it in Node.js given Node’s infamous front-end and back-end capabilities as well as the flexibility and scalability it would offer. However, with so many options out there for customizing a Node.js app and with the team members having different backgrounds and working in multiple development environments, Wood knew that the issue of code quality and consistency across the codebase would soon become an issue for his team. “ High code quality metrics and standards were absolutely necessary,” says Wood. “We needed to put something in place so that no matter who wrote the code, our team would always understand what was happening.”

While trying to find a tool that could help them, the team started writing their own scripts to perform things like license auditing but soon found it was going to be too manual of a process to maintain. Then at JSConf, they came across bitHound.

"We were hopeful there would be a tool out there that could replace the manual scripts we were writing and so you can imagine my delight when we found out there was a tool like bitHound that not only did license auditing but also performed dependency checks and lint detection for us all with the click of a button,” said Wood.

Today, the SpaceCraft team’s roster of tools includes the likes of GitHub, Slack, CircleCI and bitHound. To keep everyone organized and on the same page, all of their features are built in feature branches. Each branch is inspected for dependency vulnerabilities, lint, looming TODOs, and prohibitive licenses with bitHound so as to ensure the quality of the overall project is never impacted. SpaceCraft also continues to use bitHound as an agreeable set of standards and measure of quality in their peer reviews as well as a complimentary service to the build and deployment processes they already have in place.

“I am still amazed by just how little effort is involved from us to get insight on the issues in our repositories”.

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About SpaceCraft Inc.
SpaceCraft was started with the simple idea to help our customers build beautifully effective websites. We’ve been rethinking how websites are built and managed ever since. From our innovative approach to responsive design to our easy to use editing tools, we’re helping businesses build the powerful web presence they deserve.

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