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Continuous Analysis

All of the recent enhancements we've made to better integrate into your existing workflows (namely webhooks-driven analysis and pull request statuses), forced us to take a closer look at what it really means to be using bitHound. We wanted to sit down and really answer the question of, 'What is the optimal experience for our users'? With this came the realization that bitHound has made a significant shift from focusing on discovery, to focusing on productivity.

We've truly become a continuous analysis engine for your Node.js projects.

With continuous analysis at the forefront, we've made some exciting changes to our project workflows that we want to share:

Auto enabling webhooks and pull request integrations on New Projects

New projects you add to bitHound will now be setup automatically with webhooks and pull request integrations.* This is truly the best way to make the most of bitHound and to make bitHound work for you. The continuous analysis that both these features offer gives you the best chance to catch problems before they get merged and deployed.

Project setup

However, given that this integration will only be auto-enabled for new and subsequent projects, any pre-existing projects will require a quick manual setup to enable this. For details on how to do this, learn how to setup webhooks and pull request statuses.

* Please note you must be an administrator on the project in Bitbucket or GitHub. Non-admins can continue to analyze projects, but will require an admin to complete this integration setup process on the project.

An improved workflow for view and adding projects

The user's dashboard was one of the first views we tackled at bitHound. While it was still able to get the job done, we knew there would come a day when things would need to change.

We've now separated the viewing of project results, as well as adding projects into separate, more focused areas.

Adding projects

You can now easily add projects, in a dedicated view that organizes by owner. Filter your results and add as many projects as you like.

Add projects

Viewing analyzed projects

You'll notice that the dashboard has a new streamlined look; fitting more on the page and with more relevant information.

View project

Nice little enhancements like filtering projects by name, quickly accessing your project's settings, and identifying priorities on your projects are also available.

That's it for now! Stay tuned as we keep rolling out new and exciting changes and continue to make bitHound a trusted member of your dev team!

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