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5 Reasons to Partner Your CI with CA

CI...CA...CIA? Fear not my friends, this not going to be that kind of post.

Most of you are familiar with CI- Continuous Integration- and in fact, most of you have made it an indispensable part of your build process and development workflow. Why? Because CI allows you to run your tests in the real world, increase your code coverage and stop all the things from breaking. So how does Continuous Analysis fit into the picture?

Continuous Analysis or CA goes beyond just making sure your parts work together. It is the concept of using constant analysis to help ensure our project's code, dependency standards and longevity is maintained and upheld throughout the build process.

Simply put, if the CI is about "what" we're building, then CA is about "how" we're building it.

So let's talk about the magic that happens when CI and CA come together.
Here are your top 5 reasons to partner up:

1) Standards, standards, standards.

It's easy to be heads down delivering features when all of a sudden there are 1000 fires to put out. If you've been here (and you know you have) you know that your team's coding standards are usually one of the first things that start to slip. With continuous analysis, you know your project is being checked against your standards so that you don't lose sight of the quality of your codebase and dependencies.

2) Insight beyond "it works" or "it doesn't work".

A CI is going to have your back when it comes telling you whether or not your project will work. If it won't, CA will chime in to let you know how to fix it so you can keep moving.

3) The proverbial safety blanket.

When we were babies and toddlers, we had that special blanket that would keep us safe and secure. So, why should we give that up as developers? Together, CI and CA offer that peace of mind from issue detection to vulnerabilities to failures in the code so you can choose to ship with confidence.

4) Security vulnerabilities? No problem.

As developers, one of our greatest fears is putting something out into production to only later find out is potentially vulnerable. Why not have that realization during the build process, pre-deploy? That's what CA will help you with.

5) Do what you do, only better.

There are 1000 different ways people will tell you to write, build, and ship your software but at the end of the day, you know your project best. Let CI and CA know your standards and expectations. Let them be the special advisors to your project that work for you to uncover what you need to know so you can make the right calls and take action.

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