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bitHound introduces npm Enterprise Addon

bitHound Integrates with npm Enterprise Here at bitHound, we've had the honour and the pleasure of conversing with the wonderful humans at npm for several years now. Always thinking about how we can improve the overall developer experience when it comes to not only the selection of, but the use and maintenance of npm packages.

I'm sure it comes as no surprise to most of you that npm packages often represent the bulk of the code we all ship to production. Gaining insights into the composition, stability, and security status of these modules has become extremely important if not mandatory!

Announcing the bitHound Addon

We are honoured and thrilled to announce that bitHound is one of the first companies to introduce an npm Enterprise Addon. Our Addon gives you package metrics and insights right in you npm dashboard for the packages you're exploring.

You can also read more about npm enterprise Addons in npm's announcement

How does it work?

Installing and activating the bitHound Addon is extremely simple.

Simply type this into your terminal:

npme install addon

You will then receive an email from bitHound to verify your email address and activate the addon by simply following the link provided.

Once the bitHound Addon is activated, you will start seeing bitHound package metrics and insights. This will show up on the right hand side where you're already used to seeing npm provided information.


If we have not yet analyzed the npm package in question, you can very quickly request that bitHound analyze it right from the npme project page.

request analysis

We know you'll find the bitHound Addon helpful and are looking forward to hearing your comments.

Happy coding!

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