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bitHound integrates with Snyk

bitHound Integrates with npm Enterprise Here at bitHound we’re always working hard to continuously improve the level of insights we provide for our customers.

Today, we’re very excited to announce that we’ve updated our dependency analysis by partnering with Snyk. As a result, we now have a larger vulnerabilities database as well as severity levels for those vulnerabilities, all to help you and your team continue to deliver secure applications.

Snyk also provides patches to resolve security vulnerabilities that cannot simple be remedied by an update to your npm dependencies. This is especially relevant when dealing with security vulnerabilities that are nested in you dependency tree. Simply follow the link to the vulnerability details from bitHound to see if a patch exists.

We invite you to go to your projects on bitHound and check it out today.

Stay tuned for even more integrations in the near future.

The bitHound team.

about Snyk

Snyk helps you fix vulnerable npm dependencies in your Node.js app. Once vulnerability free, Snyk's rich CLI and tight GitHub integration help you prevent addition of new vulnerable dependencies, and lets you quickly and efficiently respond to newly disclosed ones.

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