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A Look Back at 2014's Top Developers to Follow

Top 20 JavaScript Developers of 2014

As we all know, JavaScript is an everchanging landscape and if you are not interacting with other developers and checking out their code, you are going to get left behind. As we look back on 2014 there were some fantastic contributions made to the JavaScript community, but some stood out more than the rest. These are the developers whose efforts reached a fever-pitch in 2014 and that you will want to keep an eye on in 2015.

1. Addy Osmani @addyosmani

Addy is an engineer at Google working with the Chrome Team as a core contributor to the Polymer Project. He has worked over the past year to shape and influence the JavaScript community speaking at over 44 events in 12 countries. His work includes 'Developing Backbone.js Applications' and 'Learning JavaScript Design Patterns'.

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2. Dr. Axel Rauschmayer @rauschma

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer focuses his efforts on JavaScript, web development and mobile computing and is a trainer at Ecmanauten. He has spoken at 20 events in over 9 countries. At the 2014 Frontend Conference in Zurich he spoke to ECMAScript 6 and it's impact on JavaScript. Dr. Rauschmayer also organizes MunichJS.

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3. Brian Leroux @brianleroux

Brian is an Open Source Software Developer focusing on Apache Cordova, Adobe PhoneGap and Topcoat. 2014 was a very busy year for Brian travelling to speak at conferences in Denmark, San Francisco, Las Vegas and New Zealand and delivering highly regarded PhoneGap and Cordova demos.

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4. Christian Heilmann @codepo8

Christian is the Principal Developer Evangelist of the Mozilla Developer Network. Christian focuses on all things open web and HTML5. Some of his talks from the past year include 'Why the web is dead' and 'What if everything is awesome?'.

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5. Douglas Crockford

Douglas is best known for having discovered the good parts in JavaScript. He discovered the JSON Data Interchange Format and currently works to make the web a secure and reliable software delivery platform. He is a regular speaker on the JavaScript conference circuit. In 2014, Douglas spoke at over 16 conferences, globally.

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6. Ilya Grigorik @igrigorik

Ilya is a web performance engineer and developer advocate at Google. His focus is on making the web faster and driving adoption of performance and best practices. Ilya has also spent a great deal of 2014 contributing and building various projects.

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7. Isaac V. Schlueter @izs

Isaac is best known for his creation of npm. He also managed Node.js before handing it off in early 2014. Isaac spent much of this year speaking and attending conferences including FullStack, NodeConf 2014 and JSFest.

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8. Jeremy Ashkenas @jashkenas

Jeremy is the creator of the CoffeeScript programming language and the Backbone.js JavaScript framework. Jeremy's most popular talks of 2014 include ' and CoffeeScript' at the FutureJS Conference and 'Why do we take JavaScript Seriously?' at JSConfUY 2014.

9. Karolina Szczur @fox

Karolina is a designer and developer at &yet. She is a part of Smashing Magazine's editorial and a strong believer in open source. Karolina has spent much of 2014 speaking at various conferences such as CSSConf EU and delivered talks including 'No More Tools' and 'Validate Me'.

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10. Kassandra Perch @nodebotanist

Kassandra is an educator, developer and roboticist at Bocoup. She is also an instructor with GDI.ATX. Kassandra's most recent JavaScript talk 'Stop the Fanatacism' was delivered this year at Nordic.js.

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11. Mikeal Rogers @mikeal

Mikeal is the Director of Evangelism at DigitalOcean. A JS Community organizer, Mikeal is a creator and curator of great content for both NodeConf and JSFest.

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12. Paul Irish @paul_irish

Paul works on developer productivity for Chrome, Chrome DevTools and front-end tooling. He is also a recognized expert in web technologies. 2014 was a very busy year for Paul creating, contributing and leading the development of many popular front-end web development reference resources and libraries. Paul has spoken at over 54 events in 12 countries including O'Reilly Velocity 2014, JSConf 2014 and CSSConf US 2014.

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13. Raquel VĂ©lez @rockbot

Raquel is a Senior Software Developer at npm, Inc. She has previously worked at Caltech, NASA JPL, the MIT Lincoln Laboratory and Sauce Labs. She continues to specialize in Node.js. 2014 was very busy for Raquel travelling and speaking at conferences around the world including NodeConf Europe, NodeConf 2014, NodeBots SF and JSFest 2014.

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14. Rebecca Murphey @rmurphey

Rebecca is a JavaScript application developer and Staff Software Engineer at Bazaarvoice. She has been a frequent speaker on the topic of code organization and best practices. She has authored and contributed to such works as jQuery Fundamentals and the jQuery Cookbook and spoken at events including jQuery Conference San Diego 2014, BlendConf 2014 and CSS Dev Conf 2014.

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15. Remy Sharp @rem

Remy runs his own business called Left Logic out of Brighton, UK specializing in JavaScript Development. Remy is also the founder and curator of ffconf, a UK based JavaScript Conference. He also run jQuery for Designers and is one of the curators of In 2014, Remi spent a great deal of time speaking at conferences including SmartWeb Conference 2014, Generate London 2014 and ffconf 2014.

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16. Rey Bango @reybango

Rey is a Microsoft Developer Advocate for web developers and the web development community. He is also a founding member of the jQuery Project Team. Some of Rey's 2014 Speaking Highlights include Future of Web Apps Boston, DevIntersection 21014 and Angle Brackets 2014.

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17. Rob Dodson @rob_dodson

Rob is a Developer Advocate at Google and a lover of web components and polymer. Rob hosts a series of Polycasts throughout 2014 for developers and has spoken at conferences including Chrome Dev Summit, QCon San Francisco and jQuery Conference Chicago.

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18. Steve Souders @souders

Steve is the Chief Performance Officer at Fastly developing web services. His book High Performance Web Sites: Essential Knowledge for Front-End Engineers continues to be one of Amazon's Best Sellers. Steve has continued to spread his knowledge throughout 2014 at conferences including The O'Reilly Velocity Conference, FluentConf and Yahoo! Tech Talk.

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19. Thomas Fuchs @thomasfuchs

Thomas Fuchs is the author of Zepto.js, and He continues to bring new and helpful articles to the development community via his blog. Thomas and his wife are big proponents of supporting literacy and equality and have used proceeds from many of his book sales to support these causes.

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20. Wolfram Kriesing @wolframkriesing

Wolfram is a co-founder and CTO of uxebu GmbH. He also specializes in JavaScript and TDD and faciliated Munich's 2014 has been busy for Wolfram building uxebu, giving workshops and speaking at conferences including jsCodeRetreat Munich and Barcamp Salzburg "The Next Web".

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